Talent Concept


Ambitious, with the dream and passion to make extraordinary achievements.
Uphold the entrepreneurial spirit, be fully committed, and strive hard.
Desire to stand out from the competition and surpass peers.

Dare to change

Start with the end, keep a close eye on the progress of the work and make extraordinary achievements.
It is full of confidence and trustworthy.

Outstanding results

Actively embrace change and dare to overthrow the past and make changes.
To promote change in an orderly manner, and to make
The results of surging change.

Talent development

We firmly believe that the growth of each employee is as important as the development of the company

Talent is the central force in the development of Xingri. Xingri is promoting the formation of a new talent ecosystem suitable for technological innovation through innovative means. Xingri tries to maximize the integration of the advantages of industrial clusters and academic resources in the Pearl River Delta region to attract the world"s best scientific and technological talents to gather here.

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