Automatic fire extinguishing scheme for electric vehicle public charging shed

Electric bicycle fires are becoming the main culprit of electrical fires. Based on this, the government and relevant departments are studying and formulating public charging plans.
Electric vehicles are a short-distance travel tool for a considerable number of people in our country. While it brings convenience to everyone, it also brings a fire safety hazard that cannot be ignored. The data shows that 90% of them are charged in the hall or aisle, and 80% of electric vehicle fires occur while charging. Due to the fire characteristics of lithium batteries, fire temperature and toxic smoke are the greatest hazards to people's lives when a fire occurs. Data shows that the fire temperature can be as high as 1,000 degrees in 3 minutes; in 30 seconds, toxic gases cover the entire room.

Solution architecture

Based on this, Xingri Fire Protection Technology Co., Ltd. started the research on fire protection technology of electric bicycle public charging shed in 2015. A set of automatic fire emergency system for public electric vehicle charging sheds was developed and produced. It is an intelligent automatic fire extinguishing system integrating fire detection, fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, and data transmission. It can effectively protect the public electric vehicle charging shed and its surrounding area of about 50m². Through the AI fire detection device installed on the public electric vehicle charging shed, the AI fire detection device realizes 24h uninterrupted fire monitoring in the above places. When the AI fire detection device detects a fire, it will automatically send an alarm to the control main box through data transmission with the cloud platform. After the control main box receives the alarm signal, it undergoes information processing, and at the same time, automatically controls the fire extinguishing equipment at the fire location and related parts according to the fire location, or can be observed on-site and started manually. Implement measures such as fire extinguishing to prevent the formation of secondary disasters.

  • Fire detection

    Ai fire detector

  • Fire extinguishing device

    Fire extinguishing device for public electric vehicle charging shed

How the protection system works

Automatic start Manual start

When the Ai fire detector detects a fire, it sends an activation signal to the fire extinguishing device of the public electric bicycle charging shed. After the fire extinguishing device receives the activation signal, it quickly activates the device to release the agent to suppress the fire in the protected area and control the flame range to prevent expansion To cause greater disasters around.

When the people around the protected area find a fire, they can immediately press the manual start button to activate the fire extinguishing device to suppress the fire in the protected area and control the flame range to prevent it from expanding to the surrounding area and causing greater disasters.

Audible alarm Fire detection Fire detection control system Fire extinguishing device Release agent Point of fire

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