New energy power battery fire automatic fire extinguishing solution

From the comparison of international new energy vehicle technology and industrialization level, my country's new energy bus technology industrialization scale ranks first in the world. With the continuous increase in the number of new energy buses in my country, the hidden fire hazards of new energy buses have also become increasingly prominent. New energy buses contain many flammable materials and many people in the vehicle. For flammable and hidden danger parts, it is necessary to detect and suppress them early.

Solution architecture

The power battery box fire suppression system developed by Xingri Firefighting has a variety of fire detection, built-in microcomputer chip, built-in dual-screen bottle set of fire extinguishing agents, two different fire extinguishing agents can be selected according to different needs, the system has fault self-detection and discharge Feedback and extinguishing agent leakage feedback functions are suitable for fire protection of new energy buses. Our company has designed a variety of protection schemes for the fire protection of new energy buses, and can also use the built-in aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device in the battery box and battery compartment for fire protection.

  • Fire detection suppression

    Fire suppression device for power battery box

How the protection system works

Fire detection Fire control

The power battery box fire suppression system is equipped with multiple fire detectors for composite monitoring, which can provide early warning of fire. Intelligent linkage can be performed through the processing of the microcomputer processor.

The fire suppression system of the power battery box is equipped with a double-screen group of fire extinguishing agents, which lasts for a long time, and uses a special nozzle to make the spray atomization more uniform and cover a wider range.

Linkage alarm Detect fire Microcomputer processing Start the fire extinguishing device Fire extinguishing agent Point of fire

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