Rail transit fire protection solution

China's high-speed rail-known as the four great inventions of the new century, more and more residents choose to travel by rail. At the same time, the fire protection of rail transit cannot be ignored. The characteristics of rail transit are: large passenger capacity, many combustibles, large ventilation, high-speed driving, etc. Once a fire occurs, it must be extinguished at the initial stage of the fire, otherwise it will easily cause panic in the car, making it impossible for people to escape. Expand the fire.

Solution architecture

Xingri firefighting specifically proposed to build a miniature environmental protection automatic fire extinguisher and automatic fire detection extinguishing pipe in the signal control system of rail transit. It can be installed in the control cabinets, electrical cabinets, luggage racks, etc. of rail transit. It can be bent and fixed at will. It has temperature-sensing self-starting, no power supply, maintenance-free, releases clean gas, and is non-toxic and harmless to personnel and equipment. When a fire occurs, the starting temperature can be reached, and the burning point can be blasted and sprayed to extinguish the flame.

  • Control panel detection control

    Miniature aerosol fire extinguisher

  • Control cabinet detection control

    Automatic fire detection pipe

How the protection system works

Miniature aerosol Automatic fire hose

"Xingri" miniature aerosol fire extinguisher is filled with aerosol fire extinguishing agent. When the predetermined temperature is reached, the glass ball bursts, and this non-toxic, non-conductive extinguishing liquid is then vaporized/atomized and released into the protected space. After the glass ball moves, extinguish the fire and cut off the current. No need to overdo it, the liquid is instantly converted to gas. Due to cooling and partial oxygen reduction, the fire in the protected space will be extinguished within seconds.

The automatic fire detection extinguishing pipe device is installed in the protection space. When a fire occurs in the protection space, when the temperature of the outer wall of the device near the ignition point reaches a certain temperature, the device softens, and under the action of the thermal expansion and contraction of the internally pressurized fire extinguishing agent, a blast hole is generated , The fire extinguishing agent is sprayed from the blast hole to the fire point.

Feedback signal Fire expansion Detect fire Fire extinguishing device Release agent Point of fire

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