We continue to explore, use innovative wisdom to crystallize new ideas, develop new security products, and make many impossibles possible, with a view to changing the future. In my country, 5G communication has become my country's leading world in information technology, and Xingri provides reliable fire safety guarantee for China's high-speed information highway. Xingri hopes to become the safety cornerstone of society. The power battery fire detection and control fire extinguishing system independently developed by Xingri has been adopted by many new energy vehicle units and energy storage power stations. It has broken the technical barriers of foreign countries, realized the transition from following to leading in the fire monitoring system, and realized the industry leadership in fire alarm control technology. Intelligent detection and control, Xingri from the growing small space intelligent fire detection and extinguishing system to the wind power fire automatic detection and extinguishing system, We have achieved a qualitative change. Xingri adheres to the concept of continuous exploration ,committed to research innovation and practical application of new fire safety technologies. Xingri uses multiple patents for fire safety protection in various industries. With excellent technology and complete products to serve the entire industry, It has become a new star of fire detection and control in China.

Xingri belief: every technological progress, is the answer to changing safety.

Xingri focuses on basic research and development to fundamentally improve product stability and reliability. Xingri focuses on the research and development, integration and systematic comprehensive solutions of fire protection technology and products in professional industries such as energy, small space and forest.
Energy: Wind energy, petroleum, coal mine, electric power-power battery, energy storage power station, battery replacement, automatic fire extinguishing solutions for power generation.

Small space: Small space intelligent fire protection system-communication, power grid, cabinet, case, cable connector, power battery box, etc.

Forest: a comprehensive solution for forest fire protection-a package solution including fixed forest early warning system, air early warning patrol, remote rocket fire fighting, water and chemical fire fighting.

  • Focus

    Xingri adheres to the secret of corporate success lies in focus. Xingri Fire Protection has been founded for 11 years. It has always focused on firefighting technical work. Relying on a keen judgment on the development prospects of industry products,successfully develop products that meet market expectations,now focus on leading the future to win

  • Innovation

    Based on technological innovation and advanced manufacturing, the company adheres to the path of export-oriented and technologically advanced and technology-driven development. In the field of fire protection systems, it adheres to the path of outward-oriented and technologically advanced and technology-driven development.

  • Talent

    Xingri attaches great importance to talent training. In addition to introducing excellent professionals, Xingri pays more attention to the training of newcomers, the development and retention of talent value, new talents and new blood, and maintains more innovation in the industry.

  • Service

    Based on the demand, Xingri exerts its R&D and technological advantages, continuously innovates technology, optimizes and improves existing products, and innovates and develops new products. Xingri has successfully completed customized development, innovation and improvement of products in various fields to meet customers' customized needs.


Xingri adapts to local conditions, from Hebei to Xinjiang, from Inner Mongolia to Gansu... Xingri provides fire protection products, technical service consulting and fire protection system solutions for wind power, metallurgy, petrochemical, coal, airports, ports, industrial parks, etc
Xingri accurately grasps the development trend of social needs, from smart industry and 5G strategic deployment, intelligent charging and replacement of power vehicles, public charging sheds for electric bicycles, fully intelligent detection and control fire extinguishing systems for fuel tankers...Public transportation passenger transport, intercity railway to high speed Rail transit has the safety technology behind Xingri Technology. We grasp the rapid development of rail transit and start with the signal control system. Xingri’s fire safety products provide key firefighting technologies and supporting services for firefighting products for intelligent rail transit systems. Make a strong guarantee for the safety construction and development of urban transportation.
Xingri leads the cutting-edge technology of fire protection technology, and has successfully developed an intelligent miniature automatic fire extinguisher, which can be embedded in most electronic circuit boards and inside, to reliably and quickly solve potential safety hazards.
No matter in which corner of the world, Xingri responds to the needs of customers quickly and efficiently with reliable product standard services, and has won the praise and affirmation of customers from domestic and foreign markets. The technical strength and rich product line provide diversified fire safety technology solutions. Xingri looks forward to working with you to create a better future.

  • 01

    Focus on early fire detection systems and high-efficiency fire extinguishing products, providing fast, efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, long-term aerosol fire extinguishing series, tube-type automatic detection fire extinguishing and other products.

  • 02

    Provide professional customized system fire and security integrated solutions

  • 03

    Serving industries such as power, transportation, communications, energy, finance, chemical industry, education, and construction


Xingri Fire Lights the Safety Light, Wisdom Leads Science and Technology, Serves Life Safely, Xingri Technology shoulders the safety mission and is committed to serving the public safety cause of society. In the past ten years, Xingri Technology has forged ahead and witnessed the transformation of society"s understanding of fire safety, from innovatively proposed distributed master-slave autonomous switching system for wind power fire detection and alarm fire extinguishment, to lead storage energy power stations serving oil pipelines. Acid to titanium lithium battery. From the largest open-pit coal mine in Ordos to the nuclear power plant in Fujian, from the Guanting wind farm to the Xinjiang wind farm, there is fire safety support behind Xingri technology. From the national grid to the backbone network center computer room to 4G and 5G communication base stations, from tower infrastructure to standby power generation...from public transportation to subways, high-speed rail signal systems to power distribution systems, and other key national construction projects, Xingri never missed. Since its establishment, Xingri has served the vast majority of domestic and international energy, communications, and infrastructure companies. Xingri, looking forward to cooperating with you.

Xingri Fire provides complete fire protection technology application solutions for global users

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