The rapid development of China's economy has transformed my country into a country on wheels, with dense gas stations. Due to the characteristics of gas stations, there are many moving vehicles, complicated personnel movements, and a little carelessness. Flammable and explosive oil products may cause fires and explosions. At present, my country's fire protection system for gas stations is almost blank, and most of them use hand-held and cart-type fire extinguishers for manual fire extinguishing.

Solution architecture

In response to the hidden dangers and characteristics of gas stations, our company has specially developed an automatic fire emergency response system for gas tankers. It is an intelligent automatic emergency system that integrates fire detection, fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, evacuation of dangerous personnel, and data transmission. It effectively protects the fuel tanker and its surrounding area of about 36m², and its functions and characteristics fully comply with the requirements of relevant national standards. The response speed of the fuel tank fire emergency system is very fast. The time from the detection of the fire signal to the start of the fire extinguishing agent is less than 5 seconds. It also has the advantages of accurate detection, easy installation, simple maintenance, dustproof, waterproof and explosion-proof. Ensure the fire safety of the tanker. The system can extinguish the flames centered on the tanker, with emergency manual start function, waterproof and explosion-proof. If a dangerous person deliberately set fire, the device can also be activated to drive away.

  • Fire detection

    Light particle detector/AI fire detection device

  • Fire alarm

    Audible alarm

  • Fire control

    Control box

  • Fire device

    Spray device, extinguishing agent bottle set

Photoparticle detector Jetting device Refueling Sound and light alarm Emergency start power switch Control main box

Fuel dispenser operation process

Auto start Manual start

When a fire occurs, the optical particle detector/AI fire detection device will feed back the fire signal to the fire extinguishing control host, and the fire extinguishing control host will make the sound and light alarm sound an alarm, and it will automatically start 1

When a fire occurs, the optical particle detector/AI fire detection device feeds back the fire signal to the fire extinguishing control host. The fire extinguishing control host will make the audible and visual alarm sound and will automatically start 2

Audible alarm Particle detector Fire control host Fire extinguisher bottle group Jetting device Fire point

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